When you’re watching a movie it’s so easy to be transported to a different world, time, and place. The colours are vibrant in front of you, the buildings are standing tall, the people are walking and talking, etc. But when it comes to books, atmosphere is a totally different story (See what I just did there? HA! You’re either laughing or rolling your eyes right now). Anyway – when setting a scene or world there are so many different ways to describe it to the reader. If done correctly the reader should be able to visualize the characters and the world around them, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it while at the same time feeling an emotional connection to both the story and the characters. If done incorrectly the reader will experience confusion, holes in the story, inability to visualize the world, and more. Here are the top 5 books I’ve read that I was able to see it like a movie inside my head while at the same time feeling emotionally connected to the world and its characters

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Top 5 Tuesday


You had to know this series was going to make the list! I read the majority of this series before I even watched the first movie. I remember watching it in complete awe thinking that the movie looked just how I had pictured it in my head! Obviously the characters were well done but the entire world itself was so well done. I felt like I was in the school, at Hogsmede drinking butter beer, and on their travels finding Horocrux’s. I could see every place and every action in my mind clear as a bell. I also enjoyed her ability to blend the magical world with the real world. Basically everything about this series is perfection – but you already knew that.


I’m not sure that any other author will be able to touch the atmosphere presented in this book. It was pure magic! The characters were well developed and the plot was slow burning by majestic, but the setting and scenes are what made this book outstanding. The world that I was able to see in my mind is like nothing else I could imagine without her beautiful words. The colours (or sometimes lack there of), the spark of magic, the performers, the smells, the feel – it was all there and shone like the sun. I’ve heard that the rights have been purchased to turn this book into a movie and I highly doubt that they will be able to capture the world that I’ve already built in my head. This is hands down the most beautiful atmosphere I’ve ever read in a book. I had to slow down and take in every single word. I even plan to reread this one soon just so I can feel like I’m a part of this world again!!


The atmosphere of this book was so haunting and heartbreaking. It was a book that detailed every bit of their surroundings and suffering and broke me into a million pieces. Because of its subject matter it’s not really the type of book that you want to feel like you’re a part of the world. But that’s why I think this book is so important. Rita Sepetys was able to capture the characters emotions, strength, desperation and determination with heartbreaking detail. Also the details of their capture, travel, and work camp destination were so vivid. I could never fully understand what those people went through because I’ve never experienced it – I hope I never do. I hope NO ONE ever does. But I think that this book is so important for people to get a grasp of the horrors that these people endured and remember their struggles. It can be an uncomfortable read because of the atmosphere but it should be. Nothing was comfortable about that time in history.


The level of writing skill required to create atmosphere in this book is unimaginable. This book dealt with a multiverse and every version they visited was vastly different. The author created these different worlds in such terrifying detail and made the science of it all easy to understand. Not only was the setting and world building done well, but the characters emotions as he navigated through all of this was enthralling. His reactions to all of these events is what made it all even more vivid.


This may be the one choice that I’m not sure if people will agree with. I’m a child of the 80’s so the pop culture references were like a blast from the past. But I love how the author took a crumbling dystopian earth and weaved it with this beautiful unflawed virtual reality. Virtual reality is always something that struck me as having unlimited possibilities and he capitalized on that. So many different settings from school, sports, nature, mind controlled rooms and more. But the flawless ability to weave these two worlds together amplified both of them. The reality of earth was sad, dark, and awful. Then virtual reality was this ‘safe haven’ that turned out to be nothing but safe. This is also going to become a movie (in 2018 I believe) and will be done by Mr Speilberg himself. I have faith that he can do justice to this masterpiece!!

What books have you read where you felt sucked into the atmosphere? Atmospheric reads are sometimes some of the best and I’m always looking for some suggestions in this department!

Until next time, happy reading!