This is a tag that i’ve been eyeing up for quite some time, but I’ve been avoiding it because it’s quite lengthy. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a tag so I guess I can handle the length! So here we go!

1 – E-Book or physical book?

Physical book. Only ever physical book. I did have a kindle a long time ago but I stopped reading from it for many reasons. To look back at the books I had read I had to scroll through a menu, and the whole reading process felt very cold and impersonal. Not to mention, ebooks in Canada are MAYBE a couple dollars cheaper than the physical. I figured if I was going to spend the money I might as well purchase something I can hold in my hands and see on my shelves rather than a digital copy.

2 – Paperback or hardcover?

While I like the looks of a hardcover more, I think that reading a paperback is just more comfortable. My absolute favourite are the floppy paperbacks! They are so easy to hold!

3 – Online or in store book shopping?

This is a difficult one for me. I love to go into a store and look around. There is something so satisfying about seeing them all on the shelves, being able to read the cover and maybe a few pages, and then walk out of the store with the book in hand. I always try to support book stores because if they weren’t around then that would be a sad, sad world. But, once again, I live in Canada, so some books are SUPER expensive in stores. I don’t mind spending a few more dollars for the convenience to walk out with a book, but when there’s a 5-15$ difference per book, I have to shop online. Also, some books aren’t printed in Canada so I’m forced to shop online for titles that aren’t on sale here.

4 – Trilogies or series?

It all depends. I love more than a stand alone because it gives you a chance to get more from a story and continue to visit old friends. But sometimes a series is just so much of a commitment, especially when three or more books have already been published and you’re just starting. It also depends on the series. Sometimes trilogies don’t seem like enough, and sometimes series with more than 4 book I wonder when it’s going to end already.

5 – Heroes or villains?

Once again, it all depends. Situations vary so it’s way too hard for me to answer that in a general way.

6 – A book you want everyone to read

For this one I choose three: 1 – The Book Thief. 2 – Dark Matter. 3 – Sins of Empire

7 – Recommend an underrated book

The Calendar Girl series by Audrey Carlan!! Yes, this is an erotic romance series, but the story, character development, and lessons learned throughout reading this series is just so amazing! I am NOT a fan of romance novels in any way. I’ve read a few Nora Roberts but that’s the extent of my romance exposure. A friend of mine recommended these to me and I read the first one for free and just fell in love. I never hear of anyone talking about this and there really should be!! It’s a series of 12 short stories that range from about 150-225 pages, and each month Mia, who took a job as an escort to pay off her fathers debts, meets a new client that she will be with for the month. She doesn’t have a romantic relationship with each client. That’s not what she’s being hired for. Some are great friends, some are like brothers, some are gay, but every man she meets adds a new piece to herself. This series is just so beautiful!

8 – The last book you finished

Frostblood by Elly Blake. I gave it 4 stars and you can find my review here

9 – The last book you bought

The last book I bought was a few weeks ago and that was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I’ve already read it and watched the movie (OMG the movie!) and you can find my review here

10 – Weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark

Don’t judge me………… promise you won’t judge me. Toilet paper – it was NOT used though, so there’s that. I had a roll sitting by the couch to blow my nose with since I had run out of kleenex, and it was clean, flat and available lol

11 – Used books, yes or no?

Absolutely! Given that they are stain free and in good condition. I’m not above reading  a book that was once owned by someone else, especially when purchasing that book saves me money!

12 – Top 3 favourite genres?

In no particular order – Fantasy – Historical fiction – Science fiction

13 – Borrow or buy?

Most of the time i’m on the buying side. I’m always afraid that I’ll fall in love with it and then I won’t have it on my shelves to constantly remind me of that story. I do borrow books that I’m not 100% sold if I will like it or not. But if I loved it, I end up buying it. I like to be able to have a book on my shelf so I can look at it and remind myself of that journey. I also really like to reread books!

14 – Characters or plot?

I would prefer both, please?! But if I can’t have both, I would rather character. A story can read slowly plot wise, but if the people in the story aren’t relatable, likeable, memorable, etc. it makes the book even less interesting. Plot driven stories are fun and quick to read due to their pace, but I feel that I lack the emotional connection if there isn’t proper character development there. When I think back to books I’ve read, it’s the characters and their emotions that make the biggest impact on me.

15 – Long or short books?

Doesn’t matter much to me. When I read long books I usually choose a shorter book to balance things out, vice versa.

16 – Long or short chapters?

Short!!! Short chapters are the best! I’m the worst for the “just one more chapter” line, and when I flip the pages and see that the next chapter is 1-3 pages long, I keep going, and going, and going! I read so much faster because I push myself to read until I just can’t keep my eyes open any more!

17 – Name the first three books you think of.

1 – Strange the dreamer, 2 – A court of mist and fury, 3 – Harry Potter

18 – Books that made you laugh or cry.

Between Shades of Grey, The Book Thief, The Fault in our Stars and A Monster Calls all made me sob! Highly Illogical Behaviour, Candy Girl, and The Martian made me laugh!

19 – Our world or fictional worlds?

Fictional. I read to escape so it’s nice to not think about this world or our reality for a while!! Though sometimes fictional worlds are more difficult to get into or understand, I would much rather live in a fictional world sometimes!

20 – Audiobooks: yes or no?

Yes! There’s something nice and refreshing to step back from having your nose stuck inside a book. I love the chance to listen to a book while working, cleaning the house, etc. Multitasking at its nerdy finest!

21 – Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?

Yes and no. If the cover is good it will influence me to pick up a book above an unpleasing cover. But I don’t really care what the cove looks like – it’s what’s inside that counts!

22 – A movie or TV show you preferred to the book?

The 100. The show is AMAZING! When I picked up the book I expected it was going to be so much more than it was. The show is different from the book and the characters are SOOOOO much better. I didn’t like the book at all and actually gave it away.

23 – Series or standalone?

I don’t really care either way. If it’s interesting I’ll read it, no matter if there is one or more to the series. Series are like visiting old friends while stand alone’s are sometimes fresh and like a reset between books.

So there it is! The rapid fire book tag! Have you done this tag yourself? Please put the link to your tag in the comments below – I would love to see your answers!

Until next time, happy reading!