I felt like getting a little personal this week! I have a lot of quirky habits in life, but some of my reading habits are just plain weird and unexplainable LOL!

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Top 5 Tuesday


1 – When I finish a chapter I always flip the pages to see how long the next chapter is.

This one makes no sense at all. I try to stop myself from doing it, but it’s become such a habit that I don’t realize i’m doing it most of the time. It doesn’t matter if the next chapter is 2 pages or 22, I will read it just the same.

2 – I always read the LAST line of a book FIRST.

I get a lot of slack for this one. I know, I know, SHAME! But the last time never spoils anything. For me, it sets the tone of the book and I can usually tell how much I’ll like the book by reading the last line.  I feel like authors put a lot of thought and effort into the last line – they want it to wrap up the feel of the story, or create a sense of mystery and a need to continue. They also want to induce as many feelings as they can and I appreciate that – so that’s why I read it first! I know that one day I’ll run into a book where I’m spoiled, but in the hundreds of books I’ve read throughout my life it hasn’t happened yet!

3 – When picking which book I’m going to read next, I choose 5-10 books I’m interested in reading, read the first two pages, and see which one makes me want to read further.

If you haven’t noticed by my TBR’s – I am a mood reader. If I choose a book to read just because I set it aside, I’m not going to like it if I’m not in the mood for it. So the process of me finding a book is quite lengthy and may take up to a day or two. Step one – I read the first two pages and then set the book in one of three piles – no, maybe, possibly. Step two – I put the ‘no’ books back and then re read the first page of the maybe books to see if they are a possible. Step three – I read the first two pages yet again, compare and narrow down until I pick one book….. seriously this process takes forever!

4 – I read hardcover and paperbacks differently.

I really like how a hardcover book looks. I like the sometimes shiny dust jackets (which I ALWAYS take off before reading!), I love it when there is an image printed on the hard cover itself, and I just think that the spines look better on a shelf. But when it comes to actually reading a book, I prefer paperback. I find that hardcovers are so heavy, hard, and awkward to hold. So for that reason I read them differently. When I’m reading a hardcover I only read it on the couch so I can sit it down on the arm and I use my hands to keep it open. AND since it’s a hardcover I don’t have to worry about cracking the spine. I just don’t like holding a hardcover in my hands to read it! Paperbacks I always hold, for many reasons. Holding a book is more comfortable for me, and I don’t want to push it open for fear of cracking the spine. But my absolute favourite is a super floppy paperback. They are wondrous! The pages open so nicely so you can either hold it or let it lay flat……. I put WAY too much though into how to hold a book. I may be insane.

5 – I will not eat while reading.

I’m not generally particular about keeping a book pristine though. I don’t care if the corner of a cover is slightly bent, or if pages get slightly warped. Books are meant to be read and sometimes marks and nicks just happen. I do, however, ALWAYS use a bookmark and I never eat while reading. I don’t really care if crumbs fall onto the book but here’s the thing; I have horrible luck! If I don’t want to drop something it will drop and make the biggest mess possible. I always find a way for the worst to happen. So I just don’t eat because I’m a disaster – not that I want my books to stay perfect.


Do you have any strange reading habits? I’m always curious if I’m the only one! LOL

Until next time, happy reading!