1 – Enamour – A book or series that you irreversibly fell in love with


Let’s be honest, it’s not a book tag if I haven’t mentioned this series at least once! I try not to mention it so I can cover other series or books but it just screams at me for attention. I loved the Throne of Glass series but this one – this one! It’s been an obsession I can’t control!

2 – Petrichor – A book or series that was hard to get into but you enjoyed in the long term


 I’m not sure it’s fair that I use this book as an answer because I’m still not done! I’ve got about 80 pages left to read but I’m really liking it. I almost didn’t continue with the book because it was really difficult to get into. There were so many planets, species, situations and more to keep straight and it took me so long to figure it all out. There are still times where I’m confused or still don’t know how something works, but the book is really good so far! Expect a review really soon!

3 – Felicity – A book or series that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside


This book was straight up adorable! This was about a guy named Lincoln who was hired to monitor how a companies employees use the internet and email. He finds these emails, written by Beth and Jennifer, who are using the company email for personal reasons. Lincoln is supposed to report them and put a stop to it but he is entertained and captivated. Soon he realizes that he’s falling for Beth but he doesn’t even really know who she is. He reads their email, they work in the same building, but he’s never even seen her, let alone she has a steady boyfriend. As I said above this book was seriously adorable! And now I want to re read it lol

4 – Gossamer – A book or series with a beautiful, almost out of this world, writing style


The author, Erin Morgenstern, can create an atmosphere like I’ve never ever read before!!! I have never read a book and felt like I was such a part of it before. I felt as though I could see every aspect, smell the food, etc. I felt like I was really there and hearing the music. I need for this book to be a movie so that I can really live inside the world!!

5 – Scintilla – A short book that made up for its size by being one of the prettiest stories you’ve ever read


This isn’t technically a short book but I don’t have many short books on my shelves so I went with this one. I picked this one up as soon as it was published and had no clue what I was getting into. Honestly it was a cover buy lol. But what ended up happening was the most incredible story about life, love, and family. I mean I was seriously blown away. What people do for those they love – everything from lying, covering up, giving up hopes and dreams, and SOOO much more. You may think you understand someones motivations but when things are fully explained, everything changes.

6 – Labyrinth – A book or series with one of the most cunning and deeply complicated villains


Whenever I hear the word villain – I think Umbridge! God this woman is so infuriating!! I don’t read a ton of books with villains (I’ve got quite a few on my TBR but none that I’ve read recently) but she will probably always remain on top!

7 – Diaphanous – A book or series with a plot twist that you were able to predict before it actually happened


Sadly I predicted every tiny movement in this book. I think that’s what made this one so boring to me at times. I had Jack the Ripper figured out almost from the beginning

8 – Phobia – A book or series that kept you on the edge of your seat or gave you horrible nightmares


This one isn’t really all that scary, but at the same time, the reality of this book absolutely terrified me!!! I still think about it quite often. And this is one of the few books I’ve read that I’ve gotten to the last chapter and still wondered how it was going to end.

9 – Nemesis – A book or series that you didn’t like no matter how hard you tried


HATE – I don’t like to use that word but the word hate isn’t even close to as strong as I need to describe how I felt about this book. I know that some people loved it and I’m glad they did! This one was just NOT for me for so many reasons!

10 – Mellifluous – A book or series with an ending that you loved


The ending of this one was great! If you’ve read it you will understand – and if you haven’t read it the movie, being directed by Stephen Spielberg, will be coming out either this year or next so you will soon understand! This whole book was just great but the ending puts a geeky giant smile on my face. There are so many other endings of books I love but this one has been on my brain a lot lately!

*** So there’s the tag – I hope you enjoy. I’m glad to be back to blogging!!

Until next time, happy reading!