I was terrified (ok beyond terrified!) to drive three hours into Michigan to get to this event, but I loved Caraval so very much I figured she was worth it. And this event was definitely worth it! So on Monday I downloaded the audio book version of Caraval, and drove over to Schuler Books in Lansing Michigan for my first ever bookish event. Not only was Stephanie Garber there, but also Elly Blake, author of Frost Blood! She is a fellow Canadian who resides very close to me. I have yet to read her book but picked up a copy last night! I had it on my wishlist but waited to purchase a copy so I could have it signed and now I can’t wait to dive in! I have to say that both these ladies are amazing. They are so funny, uplifting, down to earth, and genius writers. As I said above, this was my first bookish event, so it was really interesting for me to hear their thoughts and influences while they were writing their novels. Another fantastic part was that I had the chance to meet other book lovers! I’m not good at making friends or being social with strangers but I put myself out there and everyone in attendance was so nice! Without further ado, here are some pictures!!




This was such a great experience to have and I’m really glad that I didn’t let my fears of driving in America stop me from going. I now have a new appreciation for the book Caraval and I’m even more excited to read Frost Blood than I already was.

Side note, they talked about something that made me reconsider things. Ive wanted to write for the longest time. I have already written 3/4 of a book and i put it aside. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was even embarrassed to tell people that I was writing. But they said they had the same fears and they were glad they kept up with it and look at them now! So I hope to one day soon pick up my writing again. If it goes nowhere then so be it. At least I will be happy writing!

Until next time! Happy reading **