Instead of my usual ramblings, I thought I would ask you bookish people a question.

How do you organize your bookshelves??

Currently mine are organized by genre, but I’m realizing that it’s not working for me. Certain shelves are dedicated to certain genres and its ending up being unbalanced. My fantasy and historical fiction shelves are constantly growing while the contemporary and adult fiction shelves grow at a slower pace. I don’t have room for some and have too much room for others. I’m considering organizing them in alphabetical order but then that presents a new problem. Do I still keep my TBR books separate? If so, then I will be constantly reorganizing as soon as I read another book, but if I put them all together it will be hard to find the books I still need to read.

The struggle is real my friends, the struggle is real.

So what seems to be working for you? How do you organize your shelves? Do you keep read and TBR apart? Looking for any help I can get because I obviously seem to be overthinking this!!