Since I’m relatively new on here I will be doing a series of “Top 5 Tuesday” posts. That way you get the chance to see what I’ve read in the past and get an idea of what I enjoy as a reader.

To kick it all off I’m starting with my top 5 science fiction. This is a genre that I was always terrified of. I did something horrible and made an assumption of an entire genre so I never read it. I assumed that science fiction would be all about fighting aliens in space ships with “pew pew” laser guns like Star Trek. But when I finally made the scary leap and picked one up I admitted – I was wrong! Yes of course, there are sometimes aliens and space ships, but theres so much more to the genre. In fact, there is an infinite possibility of stories and I fell in love with it! So here are my top 5 (in no particular order) and I hope that I can inspire someone to find a new read or maybe to make the same leap into this genre…. trust me it’s not as scary as it seems!!


DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch

I picked this one up at the end of last year not knowing anything about it. I hadn’t seen it anywhere on Book Tube, Books Amino or anywhere but I took the chance regardless. I was SO glad I did! This is an adult science fiction/mystery surrounding a man named Jason who is abducted and wakes up to find that his life is no longer what it seemed. His wife is no longer his wife, his son doesn’t exist, and he is not a college professor. He struggles to figure out why he was taken and how, if possible, he can get his life back. The science was in depth at times and done in a way that doesn’t confuse you. In fact, the science of this one downright terrifies me! I wondered until the very last chapter how this one was going to end.


THE ILLUMINAE FILES series by Aime Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This is an incredible YA series!!! The third and final book in this trilogy is set to be released this year and I – can’t – wait! An entire mining planet was attacked for no reason at all leaving thousands dead and hundreds escaping on ships. Those who did escape were left to search for their families and the reason for the attack. These stories were told in a very unique way. Everything is laid out like a case file including things like messages, emails, video surveillance, pictures and diagrams. I loved that you got to view the story in chronological order from multiple perspectives and in more ways than just words. I liked Illuminae, but it wasn’t until I got to Gemina that I REALLY fell in love. The first book explains what one group is going through but then Gemina explains another and goes deeper into the scope of this attack and cover up. And the twists and turns happening in this series will make your head spin!!


SLEEPING GIANTS by Sylvain Neuvel

As soon as I found out that this one was written by a Canadian author I was sold. On top of that the art work on the dust jacket and the actual hard cover is stunning!!! I will leave what’s underneath of the dust jacket for you to discover! This adult science fiction book follows a young girl who, while riding her bike, falls deep into a hole. When she’s discovered they see that she is resting in a giant metal hand with markings that have never been seen before. Many years later, for no reason, the hand begins to glow. A group of scientists start to uncover the meaning of this hand and if there are possibly more parts hidden in the world. This book is also told as a case file through interviews with an unknown man. On top of there being lots of action, this one really makes you think hard about life and how we treat weapons and each other.


READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline

This one totally played in to my 1980’s childhood and I loved every single minute of it!!! It’s 2044 and genius video game creator hid clues into a virtual reality world for anyone to find. The clues aren’t easy, but if you find them you are set to inherit the fortune of the games creator. People had been searching the OASIS for years and uncovered nothing, that is, until Wade, a high school student, stumbles upon the first clue. The race to find the rest of the clues and for survival is on. I won’t go further into the synopsis because I don’t want to ruin a single thing. This book is majestic and needs to be uncovered completely by the reader. It will also soon be a major motion picture made my Stephen Spielberg so if there’s a time to get on this crazy train – it’s now!


THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

And lastly, we have another adult science fiction. Im sure you’ve all heard of it because of the movie. I watched the movie because, well, Matt Damon, but let me tell you – it doesn’t even come close to the book!! This is probably the heaviest into science on my list but it was written in a way that was easy to understand and made me feel like even I could survive alone on Mars….. ok let’s be real, I wouldn’t even last 5 minutes! Mark Watney as a character was one of the best written characters I’ve ever read and he was HILARIOUS! You wouldn’t think that a man stuck on Mars would have a sense of humour but I laughed the whole way through. All the best parts of the book weren’t even in the movie so there’s yet another reason to pick this one up!

I hope you enjoyed this list and maybe it inspired you to pick up some science fiction!